Once the images are loaded, type s to start. Use the arrow keys to position the goat under falling leaves. You get 10 points for large leaves and 25 for the small fast leaves.

If the lower levels are too slow for you, when the game is playing you can press 2 or 3 to immediately advance to that level.

If nothing happens when "s" is typed to start the game, click on the game area with mouse and try again.

If the arrow keys don't move the goat, try clicking on the game first. If that doesn't work, try using 4 and 6 to move it.

To pause the game, move the mouse pointer off the game area. To resume, move the mouse back.

If you hold down the control key when pressing the arrow key, the goat moves 10% faster in level 1, 20% faster in level 2, 30% faster in level 3 and 40% faster in level 4.