Catch the Leaves

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Move the goat to catch the falling leaves.

Now keeps track of the best 5 scores of the week and the best 10 ever.

Hold down the control key to move the goat faster.

Level 4 starts at 3000 points and you get back one leaf you've missed.


To start the game, click on Play the Game, wait for the game to load, and press "s" when the loading images message disappears. (Make sure the mouse is somewhere on the game screen).

Move the goat so its mouth touches a falling leaf and it will catch it. If you miss three leaves, the game is over.

Press the right arrow key to move the goat right, and the left arrow key to move the goat left. If your keyboard "repeats" you can hold the key down to make the goat run. Otherwise, you'll have to press the key repeatedly. If you hold down the control key when pressing the arrow key, the goat moves 10% faster in level 1, 20% faster in level 2, 30% faster in level 3 and 40% faster in level 4.

If you don't have arrows keys on your keyboard, you can use the 4 key to move left and the 6 to move right. (The arrows keys are often on 4 and 6 on a numeric keypad).

After 150 points, you'll progress to level 2. After 330 points, you'll progress to level 3. The leaves fall a little faster, more leaves fall at the same time, and there are more small leaves in these levels. If the lower levels are too slow for you, when the game is playing you can press 2 or 3 to immediately advance to that level. Sorry, you can't go back to slower levels.

To pause the game, move the mouse off the game. To resume, move the mouse back over the game.


You get 10 points for catching a big leaf and 25 points for a small, fast moving leaf.

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