Dairy Goat

Dairy Goats

There are six types of dairy goats that are recognized by the American Dairy Goat Association. They are Nubians, LaManchas, Alpines, Oberhaslis, Togenburgs, and Saanens. More people drink Goat's Milk than cow's milk.

Nubian Goat
Nubians have very long, floppy ears and they can be any color. They have a convex nose and are one of the larger breeds of goats. Their milk tends to be higher in protein and butter fat than other breeds. They tend to be a little bit more stubborn than other dairy goats and make a distinctive sound. Even Nubian kids sound like they are complaining.
Lamancha Goat
LaManchas have ears that are so small that it looks like they don't have ears and they can also be any color. They have a straight nose and are a small breed. The LaMancha sound is typical of other goats. In our experience, they are more calm and gentle than other breeds. When you own a LaMancha, be prepared to answer the question What did you do to its ears?
Alpine Goat
Alpines can be almost any color except solid white and light brown with white markings (toggenburg color); their face should be dished or straight. They have erect ears and are a medium-large breed. They are popular with dairies due the amount of milk they produce.
Oberhaslis have very specific color standards. They are a bay color, known as Chamoise, with a black dorsal strip, udder, belly, and black below the knees. They should also have a nearly black head. Another aceptable color would be all black but this is only acceptable for does. They have erect ears and are a medium-small breed.
Toggenburgs also have very specific color requirements. They are light brown and have white ears and lower legs. The side of the tail and two stripes down the face must also be white. They have erect ears and have the smallest height requirments of all the breeds, but most of the toggenburgs I've seen are pretty big. They grow a shaggier coat than other dairy goat breeds. They also are popular with dairies. In our experience, they tend to be a little wilder and more high strung than other breeds.
Saanens are usually pure white. They usually have a large udder capacity and are popular with dairies due to the quantity of milk they produce.

Parts of The Dairy Goat Doe

Dairy Goat

Goat Milk


Goat milk is used for human consumption. In fact, more people in the world drink goat milk than cow milk, although in the US the opposite is true. Goat milk is similar nutitionally to cow milk, but it contains smaller fat globules and as a consequence it is easier for some people to digest and it does not require homogenization.

Goat feeding Lamb

Goat milk is also used to feed many other animals. Usually, they are bottle feed, but goats will fairly easily adopt lambs (with a bit of coaxing), and we've even heard of a goat who would jump up on bale of hay to allow a foal (baby horse) to nurse.

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